Project presentation

Project deliverables

A catalogue of PPs’ national and European business intermediaries and SME support organizations from target countries, and also relevant EU-funded projects, was developed to support the EXTRA LIGHT consortium internationalization goals and implementation strategy. The catalogue is public in order to be of support also for other clusters and stakeholders outside the partnership.

Report on 4 local knowledge-building workshops for clusters and their SMEs and on 2 international online webinars raising awareness on different types of public procurement, with particular focus on tenders for services, tenders for products, innovation procurement, circular procurement, and LCA – LCC approaches in public tenders.

Report on the activities executed within the EXTRA LIGHT Bidding Simulation Workrooms, organized locally by PPs for lighting and furniture SMEs on how to write a successful public bid with hands-on exercises, carried out by the public procurement experts and including analysis of real tenders published by public buyers in the USA, Canada, and Japan.