Bolstering European lighting SMEs
participation in public procurement extra-EU


ELCA is a non-profit Association whose main objectives are to strengthen the competitiveness of the European lighting sector in the smart and connected lighting (S&CL), to accelerate growth within the sector, deployment of energy-efficient lighting solutions and to contribute to societal benefits associated to lighting.


CICAT is the Lighting Spanish Cluster and its aim is to improve competitiveness in the lighting sector both now and in the future to deal successfully with the fundamental changes affecting its business environment. Currently it works actively with more than 40 companies.


LUCE IN VENETO (LIV) is a regional lighting cluster coordinating the Venetian Smart Lighting Regional Innovation Network consisting of 75 SMEs in the lighting sector based mainly in the Veneto Region, of which 45 are cluster’s direct associates.


CLUSTER LUMIERE, the first of its kind in France, has a mission to promote competitiveness, cooperative businesses and international development in the sector.
Cluster Lumière numbers more than 170 companies and organizations like laboratories, manufacturers, engineers, lighting installers and designers…


The Building Innovation Cluster (BIC) is a cross-industry network dedicated to strengthen the innovative power and competitiveness of companies. The BIC is active in the fields of architecture and design, construction and construction-related trades as well as furniture and wood construction. All companies, education and training institutions and research facilities in Upper Austria whose activities and services are related to both buildings and interior design benefit from this network.

Boosting the participation
in public procurement extra-EU

In the wake of the pandemic, helping SMEs access public procurement is one of the strategic support measures taken by industrial clusters. As the SMEs viability will be critical to the post-crisis recovery. Public tendering in extra-EU is a great opportunity for EU SMEs and an important source of financing and market deployment, but they often struggle to win such tenders, facing several trade barriers, discrimination and a lack of transparency.

The main objective of the EXTRA LIGHT is to strengthen the collaboration of the European lighting industry clusters across borders and to jointly path the way for SMEs in the public procurement in the extra-EU third countries. EXTRA LIGHT representing more than 500 lighting SMEs from Italy, France, Spain and Austria, will develop a specific and long-term market-driven joint internationalization strategy for public procurement in the USA, Canada and Japan.

EXTRA LIGHT will reinforce partner clusters’ role and support SMEs in easing administrative, technical, regulatory hurdles that limit their access in public tendering via customised ProcureLight training, simulation workrooms, and one2one advisory services. Novel bid tracking IT tools will help to catch all the target public market opportunities.

EXTRA LIGHT offers SMEs more than strategies – it proposes practical actions tailored to their tendering goals, capacities and dimension. PPs will guide SMEs through all the procurement lifecycle, from building tenders consortia, meetings with public buyers to specific bid application and submission, with the support of high-level experts, EEN and other business support organisations engaged in the project. Project Exploitation strategy will multiply its impacts and ensure exploitation, replication and sustainability of the results after its end. Relevant exit criteria will drive PPs to execute concrete follow-up activities, creating project ownership to engage the target EU and COSME community in sustaining EXTRA LIGHT outcomes in long term.



    Total area: 377.975 km2
    Population: 125.960.000
    Lighting market (2018): 5.100M USD
    CAGR (2019-2024): 2,1%

  • USA


    Total area: 9.833.520 km2
    Population: 328.239.523
    Lighting market (2018): 8.820M USD
    CAGR (2019-2024): 12,6%



    Total area: 9.984.670 km2
    Population: 38.008.005
    Lighting market (2018): 5.214M USD
    CAGR (2019-2024): 2,1%

  • USA

    Total area:  9.833.520 km2

    Population:  328.239.523

    Lighting market (2018): 8.820 milions USD

    CAGR (2019-2024): 12,6%



    Total area:  9.984.670 km2

    Population:   38.008.005

    Lighting  market (2019):  5.214milions USD

    CAGR (2019-2024): 2,1%



    Total area:  377.975 km2

    Population:   125.960.000

    Lighting  market (2018):  5.100 milions USD

    CAGR (2019-2024): 2,1%